Better Healthcare Through Better Equipment

repurposing used equipment, investing in new

NHEDF aims to provide a better healthcare to those in need through the provision of better healthcare equipment. We achieve this by recycling donated equipment as well as investing in new items. NHEDF provides the equipment to those in need (individuals or institutions) free of charge or at a percentage of the cost, depending on total costs and needed repairs. The equipment is used in diagnosing, providing therapy, treatment and monitoring for better results.

Beyond Equipment Alone

Surgery, medicinal care, Housing and more

Beyond the provision of health equipment we supply our patients with essential surgeries, medicinal products and psychological assistance.

The affordable physiotherapy services that we provide for the local Kathmandu community work to reduce disabilities following surgery that can be avoided through proper treatment and follow-up care.

Shelter & Care

Medical care and services provided include:

  • Physiotherapy

  • Medical rounds (twice a day)
  • Nursing Care (24 hours)
  • Psychosocial Counseling (Individual and Group)
  •  Health Promotion Activities
  • Assisted Transport Service for patients ( + caretaker) requiring follow-up
  • Total # of beds for patients: 15
  • Total # of beds for caretakers: 15

    NHEDF services are free of charge

    Patients are provided all the medicines and care needed. Both patients and their caretakers are provided with breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner on a daily basis.

    In order to keep our services at no cost to the patient or their family, NHEDF greatly depends on the support of private individuals. 

    Your gift, no matter how big or small will go directly to support the care and rehabilitation of someone in need, including housing and food.