Our Patients

NHEDF receives many of its patients by referral through word of mouth or from Kathmandu-area hospitals.

For those who meet admission criteria, hospitals discharge patients directly to the shelter where a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals is waiting to welcome and assist them.

NHEDF are able to help patients that:

  • Are stable and conscious  
  • Have an earthquake related injury or a recent orthopaedic or head injury that requires high intensity rehabilitation care.
  • Would benefit from 1-8 months of active physiotherapy; who are likely to achieve activities of daily living after rehabilitation treatment is complete.
  • Require wound care.
  • Have a caretaker who is willing to take care of the patient when required. (Note: for low-intervention patients, caretakers may not be necessary.)
  • Live in remote areas, requiring follow-up visits in hospital and need surgeries at Kathmandu’s hospital.

While NHEDF’s mission is to rehabilitate patients to optimal health, not all patients show continued improvement and recovery. For the occasional patient who does not respond to medical treatment, medical staff work to support them and their caretakers in order to make their situation as comfortable as possible.