We are NHEDF


Our Beginnings
The Nepal Healthcare Equipment Development Foundation (NHEDF) was founded on June 15th 2014 by a group of seven biomedical engineers, doctors, nurses and social workers.

The organization started with the aim and mission of accepting donated biomedical equipment from government hospitals and health clinics, repurposing them and tailoring their use to the specific needs of Nepalese patients.

After two severe earthquakes hit the region in April 2015, government hospitals were overwhelmed with injured Nepalese from all over the country, leaving many without the immediate care that was desperately needed. Once seen by a doctor and patched up, patients were often quickly discharged to make room for others that continued to pour into facilities.

NHEDF founder and hospital engineer, Samrat Basnet took action to fill the need, opening up a makeshift clinic out of his office the following day. For many, the homes that they fled during the earthquakes were destroyed, leaving them with injuries yet without proper care or a home to return to. NHEDF stepped in to provide shelter, rehabilitation and continued care, working to prevent unnecessary lifelong ailments that patients might otherwise face.  

Nearly four years since our beginnings and three years following the earthquakes, NHEDF continues to provide medical care for those who might otherwise go without due to financial difficulties. Our facilities offer a family-oriented, nurturing environment with the capacity to house 40 patients and caretakers, plus three meals + snacks per day. All care provided to patients and caretakers are provided free of charge, relying entirely on the generous support of donors.

Our qualified and trained staff provide nursing services (24 hours/day), physiotherapy, medical rounds, psychosocial counselling (individual and group), health promotion activities, and assisted transport services when follow up or outside care is needed. Staff are paid a consistent wage made possible by the generous financial support of our donors.

Since the earthquakes, more than 500 patients of all ages, ethnic groups, religion, caste and genders have passed through the doors of NHEDF.

NHEDF is registered with the Social Welfare Council in Nepal and is subject to government requirements, ensuring good governance and transparency in organization dealings, care, and finances.